Autumn 2014 Lookbook

In true British style, autumn has hit us hard with seemingly endless downpours interspersed with only the odd sunshine-filled properly autumn-style day. This has to be the weirdest and most awkward season in terms of fashion, but it might just have to be my favourite; the Doc Martens and scarves are out but it’s still possible to leave the house without a puffa coat and thermals. Recently, I’ve…

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A Film A Week: 01

A Film A Week: 01


Ask me about books, and I could go on for hours about which ones I love, which ones I hate, those I could read a thousand times over and those I would happily never see again. Same goes for music. Films, however, are a whole other story- I have no real reason for it but the list of movies I have actually seen is strangely minuscule for a teenager that loves all kind of art forms. After one…

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